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Quake III: Arena


Shot Through banner
Shot Through thumbnail

Shot Through

Capture the Flag

A sleek capture the flag map with fast-paced gameplay.

Convey Your Creativity banner
Convey Your Creativity thumbnail

Convey Your Creativity

Capture the Flag

This map and its large, floating platforms make for drawn out and chaotic games.

Final Inspiration banner
Final Inspiration thumbnail

Final Inspiration

Deathmatch, Tournament

A step up from my previous Quake III maps, with both superior gameplay and looks.

The Lair (Extended) banner
The Lair (Extended) thumbnail

The Lair (Extended)

Deathmatch, Tournament

My rather pitiful attempt to improve and expand The Lair. There are really only a couple of new rooms and hallways, along with some details.

Opposing Forces banner
Opposing Forces thumbnail

Opposing Forces

Capture the Flag

Another capture the flag map with simple layout and rain that only falls in certain spots.

The Lair banner
The Lair thumbnail

The Lair


A small, poorly balanced tournament arena.

Nine Lives banner
Nine Lives thumbnail

Nine Lives

Deathmatch, Tournament

Similar to Small's Edge, this space map has small platforms and dim lighting, along with some questionable gameplay elements.

Concrete's Contentment banner
Concrete's Contentment thumbnail

Concrete's Contentment

Deathmatch, Tournament

Out of all of my Quake III maps, this one probably has some of the most acceptable gameplay. And it looks decent, too.

Small's Edge banner
Small's Edge thumbnail

Small's Edge

Team Arena, Tournament

This map was made for the Quake III: Team Arena addon. Once again, it's an improvement over my last maps, but still far from perfect.

Random banner
Random banner


Deathmatch, Tournament

My second Quake III map. A slight improvement over my last one, but it's still quite terrible.

Place of Odd banner
Place of Odd thumbnail

Place of Odd

Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Tournament

The very first Quake III map that I ever released. A complete disaster, but also something of an accomplishment.

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