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Small's Edge

Quake III: Team Arena
March 27, 2011
Tournament, Capture the Flag
2-8 Players

Small's Edge is my third official Quake III map, and this time there are no missing textures! Also, this map was designed for Quake III: Team Arena, so if you don't have that, you might as well pass on this one.

The main platform is littered with chainguns, plasma guns, health, armor, and ammo. An invisibility powerup sits in the center of the platform, and it's surrounded by jumppads that all go up to their own small platform with rocket launchers on them. In each corner of the platform, launchpads take you to a railgun on a large platform suspended above the main platform. If you carefully jump down, you can reach a small catwalk underneath the main platform that holds a lightning gun and some armor. A teleporter on the main platform takes you to a separate little platform with a kamikaze pickup, a prox launcher, and an ammo-regen rune. The flag bases are extremely small (hence the name), and are connected via teleporters to and from the main area. They also hold a mega health, all of the runes except for ammo-regen, yellow armor, and a nailgun.


The entire map is generally dark and hard to navigate. Turns out making "small and dark" the main theme of a map is not the best idea. This map was a step in the right direction, though certainly far from perfect.


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