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Mods & Contributions

Here you'll find various mods and contributions I've done for other games and projects.

Freeman's Mind logo

(2017–now) I am currently a mapper/modder for the machinima comedy series Freeman's Mind 2 created by Ross Scott. I help out with various things such as scene choreography, level design, particle effects, and technical advisement. More specifically, I was responsible for making Freeman vomit, blowing up a room, expanding the red barn area, altering the first vortigaunt encounter scene, making a transformer explode, and other small tasks/bug fixes.

Credited episodes:

Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 4
​Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 5
​Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 7
Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 8
Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 9
​Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 10
Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 11

Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 13

Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 14

Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 15

Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 16

Watch the whole series

EntityPlus logo

(2011)EntityPlus, created by Eraser, is a mod for Quake III: Arena that brings in many single player elements akin to Quake III's predecessors. I contributed various things to this mod back in the day like a credits screen and some models. A good learning experience for me. Today, EntityPlus still sticks out as one of the coolest Quake III mods out there.

Check out EntityPlus

Unique & Improved Potions logo

(2014–2018) A mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I created that changes most of the potion and poison bottles so that each one has its own unique look. It also adds some quality of life features such as ovens and churns in taverns, more variety in apothecary vendors, and a some other minor improvements. This mod was a fun experiment in both modeling and texturing, though it is a bit bloated since it was once just a "personal patch" that I didn't plan to release at first. Still, I think it gets the job done and works best for people who keep their Skyrim mods at a minimum.

Download from NexusMods

Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul logo

(2014) This The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod, created by kryptopyr, completely overhauls the alchemy system of the game and aims to bring balance to the system in its entirety. I had a small part in the mod's creation—some of the potion models I made for Unique & Improved Potions were contributed, as well as some new ones I created specifically for this mod.

Download from NexusMods

Trove logo

(2015) Trove is a sandbox oriented MMO developed by Trion Worlds. I made a few voxel models for it: the "tree column", "candied lamp post", and the "candy table" (pictured below). They can be crafted and placed as decorations in player-built structures.

Trove tree column
Trove candied lamppost
Trove candy table
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