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Final Inspiration

Quake III: Arena
April 11, 2018
Deathmatch, Tournament
2-4 Players

After a long break from Quake III mapping, I finally returned with a new map called Final Inspiration. I really tried my best with this one, and I think it paid off. My knowledge and skills gained from Source engine mapping greatly helped with the construction of this map. It's detailed (almost too much), the gameplay is on point, and overall a great accomplishment of mine. While playing this map, you may notice some similarities to other Quake III maps, hence the name.

The main room is where a lot of the action happens. The ground floor has some shotgun ammo pickups and health. A large column in the center of this main room holds up a grate with yellow armor, and a bridge connects this grate to a recess in the wall where a grenade launcher can be found and used to grenade spam the poor players below. On the opposite side, there is a rocket launcher positioned on a ledge that can only be accessed by a rocket jump or a teleporter located in the hallways below. These hallways also hold a shotgun, health, and armor shards. A water filled room with a plasma gun and some connecting rooms containing an invisibility powerup connect the hallways back to other side of the main room.


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