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Convey Your Creativity

Quake III: Arena
September 1, 2018
Deathmatch, Tournament, Capture the Flag
4-10 Players

There are two maps that you must be aware of before this map makes begins to make sense: XPRESS YOUR IMAGINATION 3 and xpress (Quake 3 and Team Fortress maps, respectively). I took the visual assets and style of the former and combined it with the layout of the latter. This map had remained unfinished for many years, but one day I stumbled upon it in my archives and decided to finish it off.

The map is essentially two bases connected by a long bridge in the middle. At the very center of the map lies a pool and a quad damage powerup, which can be devastating in the right hands. Each base consists of a fair amount of gear that can be used for both defending and attacking. Capture the flag games can be fun with lot of people, though they can get long, especially with bots.


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