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Concrete's Contentment

Quake III: Arena
June 6, 2011
Deathmatch, Tournament
2-4 Players

Finally, my first decent Quake III map. There are no major technical problems here and the gameplay is competent. Three player free for all makes for a very fast and chaotic deathmatch.

I should start off by saying that this map's layout is based on an Eliminate Pro (an old mobile FPS game) map called Factory. Unfortunately, the game has since been killed by its own creators is no longer playable. Anyway, my version of the map is a significant improvement over my previous ones. It's rather small and boxy, but the texturing and brushwork seem to hide the box-like shape pretty well. There are three main levels, each one with its own goodies and accessible by various elevators. A railgun and red armor look down upon the entire map, which can make a formidable opponent out of whoever can get to them. The second level holds a grenade launcher, a plasma gun and a shotgun, along with some armor and health. Last but not least, the ground level has a rocket launcher hiding in a pit of fog, and a teleporter that takes you up to the top.


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