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Quake III: Arena
January 20, 2011
Deathmatch, Tournament
2-3 Players

Originally called "The Plaphole" (leave it to a kid's mind), Random is my second map for Quake III. It's a classic example of a "box map", and once again I shipped it to ..::LvLWorld with missing textures. At least there is a hint of sensible gameplay here, though it's barely anything. The overall design is poor, with exposed caulk in places, badly placed jumppads, and odd spike sculptures that you can get yourself stuck in. Also, there is a BFG in the center of the map that is easily accessible through any of the four teleporters (yes, four). In each corner there is a rocket launcher next to a jumppad, which you have to hit just right to avoid bumping your head on the ledge above. On this ledge is a plasma gun, some ammo, and health. Top it all off with a quad damage in the center of the map, and everything blends together to make a terrible train wreck of a map. It's really only good for posterity.

On a lighter note, this is my first map to include a secret area.


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