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Garry's Mod
May 7, 2016

The positive reception of Parallax and my continued interest in making strange maps naturally led to a sequel, Phantasmagoria. And no, that is not a reference to the 90s adventure game of the same name, I simply chose the name because I thought it sounded cool. It follows the same basic formula of Parallax, including winding corridors and distinctively styled sections. Like the original, each section's color scheme uses two complementary colors (except for one section) applied in various ways to different geometrical features and patterns. However, keen players will immediately notice some clear differences from the original.

To begin with, the entire map has a much more eclectic design. Whereas Parallax features mostly square corridors, Phantasmagoria begins to diverge from this concept with some areas displaying more architecturally intricate designs. My particular favorite is the "triangle room", where the floor and ceiling is a tapestry of equilateral triangles. You can also see some more interesting patterns on surfaces, such as stripes and checkerboards. Lighting also sees improvement over the original. While it still displays a certain uniformity, light sources are generally used more tastefully.


By 2016 I was much more comfortable with the Source Engine which allowed me more freedom in my designs. My ideas were beginning to become less hindered due to inexperience. I believe this improvement is demonstrated thoroughly in this map, though unfortunately there are still some shortcomings. For example, there are many small texture alignment issues if you look closely. This was also my first time using Source's HDR lighting in a map, though it's obvious that I did not have a solid reign over it quite yet (I recommend switching it off unless you want to experience true color blast mode).

I'd say this map is a worthy sequel to Parallax. It improves upon it in almost every way, resulting in a richer experience overall.


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