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Express Your Imagination

Quake III: Arena
Capture the Flag
4-6 Players
Originally released on August 11, 2014

Express Your Imagination is a small, floating capture the flag map. It is actually based off an old Team Fortress Classic map called xpress3 by Joel "Bladez" Warren. Additionally, Express Your Imagination was made in the image of this map. The differences between the two maps are minimal, being only a few visual changes and much needed adjustments to the flag platform. In the end, this map serves as a predecessor to its sequel, Convey Your Creativity.

The map has two small bases connected by a straight bridge. Throughout the bridge, there are little "hills" to provide cover and stop incoming rockets. The bases are small, and consist of a rocket launcher, some yellow armor, and ammo. A pair of jumppads will take you up to the top of the big wall where there is a railgun for your railing pleasure. The flags sit on either end of the bases on a raised platform. 

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