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Garry's Mod
July 5, 2017

Delirium is much different than the maps that came before it. It is much more abstract, even more so than the trippy maps, and it is in fact based on a dream I had while staying at a hotel. In the dream, I remember climbing up a set of orange steps among a sea of purple in a dark void. I could see a seemingly infinite wrought iron fence, and behind it was a group of creatures. That's all I remembered, but I woke up thinking it could make a great setting for a particularly surreal map. I drafted up the large curvy staircase, which would become the centerpiece of the map—complete with a little health regeneration zone at the top. I also came up with some minimalistic structures to feature around the map along with a more organic looking pond surrounded by some unusual rocks and fungus. The map is defined mostly by these two sets of features, though in hindsight I wish I would have combined them in a more meaningful way. Regardless, the result is a quite small but intriguing landscape with an interesting atmosphere to soak in.


I created every asset you see in the map from scratch which was a first for me. I am usually hesitant about creating entire asset collections for a map considering how much of a massive undertaking that it is, but its small and simple scope made it a perfect candidate for such practice. I created the minimalistic sconces and spotlights along with some more interesting elements like the rocks, mushrooms, and tube coral things. If I remember correctly, the particles I used for the sconces were adapted from the "purple energy" Unusual hat effect from Team Fortress 2. The odd sounds you can hear are from deep within Portal 2's game files which I believe are played subtlety throughout the early test chambers of the game.

Overall, this map was an interesting little experiment for me in terms asset creation and stylistic diversion. It was a fun experience that resulted in sparse yet eclectic environment to play around in. I always liked the sort of "museum exhibition" feel that the architecture evokes. If you spend enough time in Delirium, you might just start to feel that dreamlike essence that was ultimately responsible for its inception in my own mind.

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